Our Mission started by creating a toy that everyone can enjoy. To bring the world an illuminative performance tool that rewards creativity and promotes discipline through practice.

The SLYNG is a toy that evolves with the user, letting you dictate how you want to learn and how far you want to go. With its patented design, The SLYNG is the only pocket-sized, modifiable skill toy. But what does that even mean? It means that you can start with a single-handheld toy and work all the way up to a 12-foot rope dart. It means that your only limit is not trying it. Skill toys promote hand-eye coordination, balance and are fantastic, rewarding forms of exercise. The SLYNG has a mod for everyone and for (almost) every occasion, we’re still working on our waterproof and gamma radiation proof models for underwater flows and comet top light art.

“Our only limitations are those that we set up in our own minds”

The words of Napoleon Hill ring true with our Team at The SLYNG, where we challenge ourselves to continuously help others foster their own creativity through dance and play. We don't set plateaus and limitations upon ourselves or on our customers.


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