Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1.What makes the SLYNG so unique?
  • The SLYNG is the only modular skill toy that allows you to modify its configuration on the fly. It consists of looped ropes and lights that are interchangeable and allow for limitless possibilities.
    2.How do you modify the SLYNG to make other toys?
    • We’ve got a whole section on that! (Link to the MODS)
    • A single SLYNG can be shortened into a SLYNG Mini or made into a SLYNG Begleri, so you can start small and work up or pass on your technical skill and knowledge onto another toy.
      3.What are the benefits of using the SLYNG?
      • Become better at hand-eye coordination and increase your fine motor skills.
      • Effective, full-body exercise while playing with the SLYNG.
      • Help ease your fidgety hands or learn balance for your physical self.
        How long does it take to get good at the SLYNG?
        • Practice always makes better. We recommend that you practice the SLYNG 5-10 minutes a day and are confident that you will see improvements within the week or just a few days :)
          Where can I learn how to use the SLYNG?
          • Check out our tutorial section on our site. We have “how to” instruction videos and tutorials on SLYNG moves ranging from beginner to advanced.
            4.How many modes are there?
            • Four modes, each activated by clicking the button
              5.How many colors does each bulb make?
              • Our chips have single colored bulbs, additional lights are available for you to mix and match different color combinations
                6.What kind of batteries do they take and how long do they last?
                • CR2016
                • Last from 10-30 hours, depending on the mode
                  7.Can the SLYNG light use any other chips?
                  • No, our chips were designed specifically to fit our light shell.
                    8.What else can I use the SLYNG or SLYNG Light for?
                    • The SLYNG makes for an amazing totem at fairs, festivals or any large gathering that makes finding friends troublesome.
                    • The SLYNG Light is so bright that you can see it for upwards of a MILE away, making it a good safety beacon for hiking, biking, camping, etc.

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