Our Story

One day, after hanging out with some friends at a show, my cousin asked me what my dream job would be and I jokingly said “giving light shows”. Pretty big dreams for a university graduate with a great job.

So I did what any respectable adult would do and partnered up with my best friend and started working on bringing this dream to reality. Our friends at ANDesign stepped up to the challenge and helped us make the prototype happen and we started working on the KICKSTARTER.

The next few months were full of highs and lows; we reached out and connected with so many flow artists and people of the skill toy world. We built a lot of friendships and started a few partnerships during that time, and we worked tirelessly to get through manufacturing issues that didn’t meet our standards.

What we have today is a product with a unique, simplistic design that makes it compact enough to fit into a pocket, yet still transform into a variety of skill toys.

The SLYNG started simple, with locally sourced parts. Over the years it evolved into the three-light setup that we have today. It has been a pivotal part of my light dance and I’ve worked hard building a team and creating the best version of it for you to enjoy. Thank you for hearing my story.



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