Our Story


Hi, I’m Anthony, the Inventor of the SLYNG. Allow me to share my world of flow art and light shows.

Once upon a time I was asked what my dream job would be and, jokingly, I replied, “giving light shows”. I never thought that it would be the case.

After catching myself scouring the web, looking at light art and watching festival videos it dawned on me that taking my own light show instrument to production was a possibility. And so began the journey.

I partnered with my best friend and, together, we took a chance on this dream and over the years have worked to refine and improve The SLYNG. We began by partnering with an engineering and design firm to figure out the logistics of production. It took years to bring the final product to a level that we were proud to share with you all, but we got there.

The SLYNG is a unique product. It’s simplistic design makes it easy to carry anywhere and brings a new spirit to any setting; we love that. Every person that has picked up and used The SLYNG handles it their own unique way.

The beauty is that there is no “right” way to use The SLYNG.

You just do it and it’s just fun.

We hope that our story can serve as a reminder that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you believe in yourself, if you surround yourself with people that believe in you and if you have the courage to pursue your dreams.



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