SLYNG x EDC Las Vegas 2018

June 04, 2018

This year has definitely been a memorable one, to say the least. We officially launched our business in February, fulfilled all of our Kickstarter orders, added new members to our team, formed exciting partnerships, filed our patent, and signed with Insomniac to appear at multiple events.
We had initially decided to skip this year's EDC and focus on the smaller events with the goal of attending in 2019. It was during Coachella that we were reminded of the impact that our product had in the festival scene and with the immense amount of positive feedback, support, and encouragement we pulled the trigger on making it happen this year.
With the support of our entire team, we pulled our resources together, brainstormed our strategy, and executed with precision, grit, and passion. For our first event (just so happened to be the biggest of the year), we absolutely killed it!
Even with just our small team, we learned to work together efficiently, gained a better understanding of our product from a sales and marketing perspective, shared and celebrated one of our major milestones with hundreds of our friends, family, and supporters, but also made our mark in the festival space.
Thank all of you. Thank you for the love. Thank you for your belief in us, our product and in our dream. We certainly set the bar high and will continue to strive to ONEUP ourselves as this journey progresses. As you achieve your goals, the step is to set new goals

#Initiate #Progress #Acheive



Check out some of our favorite pics from this weekend and you can watch the highlights from our Instagram account: @theslyng or check see the rest of the photos on our Facebook Page: The SLYNG





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